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our artisans

We thank the Indonesian basket artists for creating our eco friendly baskets and bags. 




We are offering planter's at the farmers market and on Etsy - while supply lasts!

Our hanging baskets are 100% biodegradable. Feel free to dispose of them in your Green Bin or with your garden wastes. Even if they do end up in landfills, dumps or a neglected corner of your property they contain no toxic elements and over time will completely break down.  In order to demonstrate their superior value we raise flowers, herbs, and vegetables in them for sale. Please contact us for availability and prices.

IndoBaskets are made by hand in people's homes in Java, not in a factory.  When you buy our products you are not taking advantage of underpaid and underage workers in a sweatshop and are actually providing incentive for the continuation of traditional skills handed down from generation to generation. The bamboo used in the baskets grows naturally in the region, and usually transported by bicycle to markets and artisans homes.

Mini Planter-volume about half a litre, big enough for a pansy or single bulb 

Medium Planter and Hanging Basket--volume about 3 liters, perfect for cherry tomatoes

Large Basket--volume about 6 liters, big enough for a full size tomato plant

Grocery Bags-- sturdy and made of eco material.

welcome home

It may be hard to believe, but we offer an affordable and attractive alternative to the everyday compost bin. Get your basket or bag delivered today - right to your door!


"Not only has it replaced my plastic compost container, it's beautiful and cheaper!"

BLAKE, orangeville

"I feel great knowing I'm supporting skilled artists in Indonesia by supporting Indobasket."

graham, london


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